Green & Equitable

Prioritisation of green spaces, open spaces and elevated Metro Rail mass transit system is going to be the hallmarks of a great city in the 21st century.HMR’s idea for the city includes restoration and updates activity hallways and change the way individuals drive from one end to the next. The plan is eco-accommodating, devours no petroleum products, and the idea of each station being only one kilometer separated, conveys Metro Rail on to the subject’s entryway step. Propelled innovation has been tackled to give world class best in class design with skywalks, and openness, making it helpful for all sexual orientations and age gatherings to get to a bigger piece of the city.

Our Metro

The objective is to provide socio-economic benefits and equal opportunities in public spaces to all citizens. The ticket pricing is affordable, the journey time is reduced, and pollution is addressed by way of design, while elevated rails and platforms decongest the traffic.

HMR isn’t only a Metro, yet a urban revival exertion, overhauled with the most recent innovation contributions, to change Hyderabad into a human cordial green city, Eco-accommodating stations with normal ventilation, skywalks, inclines, lifts, lifts a large group of worker neighborly offices, advancement of sex fairness and ladies’ strengthening comes about formation of business openings and age of numerous auxiliary enterprises in and around Hyderabad.

All media transmission offices will be best in class, encouraging nonstop correspondence between Central Control, prepare drivers and station experts.

Great multi-purpose incorporation will be given at all rail terminals, transport stations, and MMTS stations; all stations will have aerated and cooled “Carousel” minibus administrations, associating adjacent settlements, business foundations and other famous spots. Eco-accommodating travel mode – it will decrease air and clamor contamination in the city brilliant card-based programmed ticketing and entryway frameworks for traveler comfort and consistent travel.

Hyderabad Metro Rail Timings

Every person in hyderabad is waiting for this memorable moment, Still the Hyderabad Metro Rail Timings are not confirmed by Hyderabad Metro Rail, Stay tuned for metro rail time table and updates.

Hyderabad Metro Rail Timings are not yet announced by Hyderabad Metro Rail Ltd, Stay tuned for updates. Thank You